Thursday, February 10, 2011

vegas and LA trip

Super bowls finally here. So, it's time for a trip to Vegas.

We got to see the whole family. Lexie had a blast with all her cousins. We stayed at Nono & Nona's house. They live next door to Uncle Glen and his HUGE family. Lexie and Summer stayed close, as usual. But also opened up and had fun with everybody! She also LOVES their dog named Red and Berkley. We made several trips down the street to see the horses. Went to casinos and had AWESOME food! Lexie really enjoyed the secret garden dolphin habitat at the Mirage. There were dolphins, lions, tigers, alpacas, and cheetahs. Hard to get used to the new time schedule. We were going to sleep at 8 and waking up at 6. HAHA. Perfect timing for the early birds to cook a delicious breakfast. Great trip. Glad to see the family again. We will have to go back and visit soon. (:

LA has been fun! the first day we got here we came out to the beach. Lexie didn't care so much to enjoy the waves or the ocean. She was too busy playing in the sand with her pale & shovel. We went to Venice Beach and played in the park. Lexie enjoyed the swing. She decided her baby wanted to swing too. So, I was in charge of pushing both of them. Of course when we decided it was time to go. Lexie was not ready and she cried.

Today we went to Disney Land. That was A LOT of fun. The most fun I'm sure Lexie has had all vacation. She road everything you can possibly think of. Except she wanted to ride the kiddy roller coaster, but wasn't quite tall enough. /: She cried a little bit but was pretty much over it by the time we got back to the stroller. She loved Minnie's house. Then when we hit Mickeys house she never wanted to leave! Before we left Lolly decided to take the girls to the gift shop to pick ANY toy they wanted. Lexie wanted everything we handed her that was Minnie mouse until the very end when we were about to check out. There was a 2011 Minnie Mouse. She loved it... Until she saw the 2011 Mickey Mouse. & decided she liked him better. She gave him a kiss. We told her she had to hand him to us so we could pay, she didn't want to let go. Since we have been home she has still not let him go. She's in bed now sleeping with him. (:

We got home & she was SO tired after her huge day. While getting ready for bed she said she wanted to watch barney 2 times. Sadly, we didnt bring barney. So, that couldnt happen. But she was out after the first 5 minutes of laying her down. I don't think she missed it too much!


I'll have to post pictures later.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Lately we noticed Lexies left eye pulling to the left. Pretty worried about it, Jennifer made an appointment to see an eye dr. When we got there they dilated her eyes and we waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes for her to go back again. Made her look in many different things so the dr could figure out what was wrong with them. He said she is far sided and it pulls her left eye to the left when she strains to see something. She cant see far away very good or things that are really close up. He gave her some prescription glasses that will hopefully keep her eyes straight. and hopefully help her vision from getting worst. Her eye has definately been a lot straighter since. I was very sad to hear the news. But, thank god everyday that i have a healthy 2 year old.

After the appointment, we dropped her prescription off at the eye doctor. Lexie got to pick her glasses. She was excited. She picked the pink ones. I'm surprised of how easy it has been to keep them on her. Ofcourse she has her times she covers her face when we try to put the glasses back on. And ofcourse their are also times she loses them and claims she doesnt know where they are. But, we usually find them pretty quickly.

A couple days after she had been used to wearing them I gave her a bath and took her glasses off. She was rubbing her eyes. I asked her what was wrong. and she wimpered a little bit and said her eyes hurt /: I'm assuming she's just starting to realize that she needs her glasses to see good. It breaks my heart she sees a blur at 2 years old. But, I'm very greatful they could diagnose the problem at such an early age & give her what she needs to see clearly.
Christmas also passed. Lexie had a blast doing all the fun events. She loves to stay busy and always has something new to do. Between me, and her grandparents she stays pretty busy. lChristmas morning we went to Lolly & Pops house. Got LOTS of toys, babies, and barbies. Summer got a puppy. Lexie was very jealous. She kept holding her and saying "my puppy." We would tell her no. its summers puppy. She would continue to laugh and say its her puppy.
Later in the day, she went to her daddies for chrismas. & guess what he had for her? yah. a puppy. Now the apartment manager isn't too happy. Hoping we can keep him. Because she sure does enjoy playing with him.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


going to the park is her favorite thing. She just won't ever get off the swing : ]
Loves to ride the horse.

her fairy dress... She once thought it was cute to wear. Now, "MAMA ITS TOO ITCHY" Unfortunately, She knows how to take it off /:

Loves to dance. Shes good at it too : ]
Lexie and her new baby

Her and the party crew.

Day out with Daddy.

Lexie's favorite. The Frog Jumper.

for her birthday her Daddy decided to take her to Lake Winnie. She went with her dad, aunt Bridget, and one of their friends. I'm sure they had a BLAST. sad that I missed out. Her favorite ride was the frog hopper. She wanted to ride over and over and over again.

For her actual birthday I took her to Toys R Us & let her pick out anything she wanted. She picked out a baby that walks. & then as we were leaving she fell in love with a grocery cart. She wouldn't put it down. So, we got suckered into that too! haha. $90 dols later- were out the door. Never again will I be shopping at toys r us. haha. I swear the same things are at walmart only half the price.

A couple days later, we took her to Chuckee Cheese for her birthday party. All of her best friends came. Everyone invited showed up. She got lots of new toys that she loves to play with. pizza, wings, more then enough tokens. Couldn't have asked for her birthday to go better. Besides the flat tire Grandma M got in the parking lot. haha.

She is now in LOVE with barney. Always wanting to watch it. She gets pretty disappointed when we put the TV on and something else is on. She didn't want to watch Sesame street today. So, I had to put her Barney movie on in her bedroom for her. She only watches about half of it & moves on to something else.

Halloweens so soon. We already had her a fairy outfit. But, she doesn't like it. She cries and says its itchy and she wants it off. So, I figured I would take her to get another one. We went to 4 different stores yesterday and couldn't find anything. Then, we went to spirit. I wanted her to be a bumblebee. But, every time I asked her she says NOOOOO! haha. So, I asked her what she wanted to be. She chose Minnie Mouse. But, they only had up to 18 months /: We tried on both the outfits. And all of a sudden she didn't want to wear Minnie Mouse either. So, I figured I would just get the bumblebee. Hopefully she starts to like it soon. If not, atleast its 2-4 years. and she can always wear it next year! :] Hope she likes it. Because she sure did look cute in it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

daytona trip

Its been forever for another post~~
Shes talking & saying just about anything.
smarter then ever. catch her saying words I didnt even know that she knew!
Today we went to the bowling alley w- LOLLY & POPS & aunt Laurie & uncle Jeff & Josh.
We had a lot of fun. Lexie rolled her FIRST strike! Josh thought that this date & time should be remembered.. haha.

We also have a puppy that I'm trying to get rid of! Lexie LOVES her. Shes always trying to play with her.. She especially loves the times that the puppy is trying to sleep. haha. She loves to grab him and try to pull.. haha. She means no harm.

I also have not mentioned we went to Daytona Beach, FL together for a family vacation. During this time she spent TONS of time with Summer at the kiddie pool. We stayed at a really nice condo by the beach. : ) Lexie made it very clear to us that she LOVED her "FLOAT" & the "SWIMMING" in the "POOL."

Today we got to see Jaycee. Lexie was VERY excited about that!

Monday, February 22, 2010

weekend vacation.

Saturday night my dad called and asked if I wanted to eat at Olive Garden. I was actually with a friend across the street returning some things at Rue 21. We had eaten already. But didnt have much else to do. So we agreed we should go. We asked the bartender for a coke, got a seat, and waited for a seat. Ofcourse when we got there, Jennifer was eager to see Lexie. Too bad Lexie was sleeping when I left and I didnt have her with me. Uncle Josh has been a pretty good live in baby sitter. Very convenient when shes sleeping and I have things to do. After we ate, Lolly and Pops wanted to see Lexie. She was gladly awake by that time. :)

Jennifer asked to watch her. Ofcourse I won't give up an opportunity like that! I've been dying for a break. and a little free time. And extra time to clean. My dishes had been stacking and my laundry hadnt been done in a wk. Thank God for wonderful grandparents!

I havent heard from them much. I know shes in good hands. Ofcourse shes on top of her blogger, so I know their having a wonderful time! I'm sure she'll be back soon. We will have to do something fun together :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

she knws when its her bath time!

its been a fun morning. I get a phone call which wakes me up from the old guy upstairs. talk to him for about 15 mins. Which reassures Lexie that Im awake. So, as I make an excuse to get off the phone, and finally get to lay back down. Lexie is ofcourse standing in her crib screaming MAMA AHHHHHHHH MAMA AHHHHHH... hah.
soo. I get up let her out to play. Give her a bananna. Then, decide Im going to get in the shower. She follows me to the bathroom and wont leave the shower curtain. Shes pointing at the bath tub because she wants to get in and play. Therefore, Im not showering. and she is! She knows what she wants. Shes in there playing with her new bath toys that her Grandma M got for her.

Today were going to the mall. I predict it will be a fun day :) Maybe, if shes good she will get to play in the malls park. Last mall trip she was sleepy and enjoyed her temper tantrums of throwing herself on the floor and crying... UGHH! lets make sure she gets her nap in!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow day !

HaVE i MENTIONED? Lexie LOVES to dance. Yesterday, we went to the mall. My mom and I were looking for an outfit for the kids to wear for valentines day. So, Josh took the kids to the play place to play with Lexie and Ryan. He stopped by F.Y.E. and was listening to music on the headphones. Josh gave the headphones to Ryan. He said "that hurts my ears" So josh gave the headphones to Lexie and she gets a HUGE smile on her face and starts dancing. haha.

We tried to have a fun snow day yesterday. We got lots of snow.. about 3 inches? I will post pics later. She wasnt too thrilled. We brought her power wheels outside in the snow thinking that she would ride it. It didn't ride too good threw the snow. Lexie was cold and wanted to take a nap. So, she cried. But she got the jist of it.

She still has a runny nose. I'm still wiping it all the time.